Friday, May 22, 2015


TEAM LMM is preparing for the 460 mile RAGBRAI ride this summer.


Mark Juhl - Remsen IA
Kyle Pedersen - Des Moines IA
Ried Bentley - Des Moines IA
Bethany Schutte - Des Moines, IA
Jenessa Amundson - Spirit Lake IA
Carl Amundson - Spirit Lake IA
Ryan Pckham - Jackson MN
Tricia Heynen - Jackson MN
Sal Dianda - Des Moines IA
Andy Walters - Waukee IA
Ryan Sisson - Johnston IA
Doug Haugen - Lake in the Hills IL

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks Kyle for setting this up.

    As one of the LMM RAGBRAI team I would like to contribute a story about what happened to me this past Saturday.

    I was manning our Western Iowa Synod - Lutheran Men in Mission display at our synod assemble when Doris Fondroy approaches me, with tears in her eyes, holding a shirt of her late husband's (Dick). The shirt had Master Builders - Lutheran Men in Missions embroidered on it and a note from her attached that read, Shirt from Richard Fondroy. Hope someone from Men in Mission will wear proudly. Thank You, Doris Fondroy.
    Seeing it was my size I asked if she would mind if I would be the one to wear it.
    I immediately slipped out of the assemble hall and put the shirt on hoping to show it to her but I couldn't find her back. Yesterday I spoke with her minister and he stated that she left early.
    Dick died in a tractor accident a couple of years ago. He was definitely one of the men who mentored me.
    Frequently at LMM events Dick and I would room together and I remember one night while at an event in Cedar Falls that Dick began telling me about a son that they had lost to a car accident many years prior but as he told the story he broke down. I really don't remember much about the evening after that except holding Dick.
    Yes, Lutheran Men in Missions helps young men build relationships with God but it also builds relationships between men.
    I now hope to visit Doris's congregation, St. John's in Albert City, and surprise Doris, PROUDLY wearing DICK"S SHIRT.
    Mark Juhl