Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 2 Stories

Here are the random stories from Monday!

- Doug gets passed by a guy who says "hey, Lutheran men... Do you know Doug Haugen?!!"
And Doug said "hi! I'm Doug Haugen"

- Joel was asked what women's ministry that LMM does! 

- Jerry was asked for contact info and had lots of people ask "who is LMM and how do I make contact?!"

- several team members needed to go purchase chafing balm after they got off their bikes! 

- in Corning, Jesus was there with a menu on the 10 Commandments for the chicken noodle dinner at the methodist church

- Perre and Mark had a guy and his wife take a photo with them just because they liked the jersey!

- at breakfast, a man from Des Moines comes over to us and says "hey, Men On A Mission"... Thanks for the   $12,000!donation in May! That will fund our ministry for a year!  Turns out it wasn't Lutheran Men in Mission, but a Des Moines ministry called Men on a mission and Chicks For a Cause

- Drew was riding next to a man and his pedal literally fell off riding down a hill! 

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