Friday, July 24, 2015


Team LMM was up at 4:45 AM and was on the trail by 5:30 AM! 

We were smaller group today with just eight of us riding... But the LMM jerseys were still in force!

So today we wrapped up around Cedar Rapids and down through Cedar Rivervalley. 

One of the regular team stops has become "Farm Boys Hearty Food Company" which does the farmers market in DSM every week... They do breakfast burritos about 20 miles out every morning. 

We traveled across the historic Surluff bridge

In Solon, there was live music on the stage and we thought about staying a couple hours


then somebody look at radar and we realize that there was an angry thunderstorm heading directly for Eastern Iowa. 

The team got on the road and made it about five of the last 20 miles before the rain and winds hit!

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