Wednesday, July 22, 2015


TEAM LMM had a great day today! 
We did 58 miles and it was "mostly" downhill...
There was 9400' of elevation change. Half of that was climb. 

Roger and Barb Krull saw us on our way with a great breakfast this morning but we got a later start... On the bikes about 7...Leaving eldora that late was a mess... We spent the first 20 minutes just waiting and slowly moving but we were on our way!

Mark Juhl and Doug Haugen are both riding mountain bikes while the rest of the team has road bikes. It's like the old tortoise and hare story... Somehow the road bikes keep stopping at each town and have to catch up! 

We met about 7 more Lutheran pastors on the ride today... And one of the quotes was from a woman in the left lane... "Hey Lutherans .. Move over... Gotta love the Lutherans... You guys are everywhere"

Just a quick note... The US Air Force has 146 officers riding... And their role is to stop and help riders... It's always so cool to see the men and women in their Air Force jerseys on the side of the road helping change tires!

Our host this evening is Bethlehem Lutheran in cedar falls IA and they have a 5 acre rec field on their property... There are about 150 people camping on their property so it's been interesting having some conversations with our neighbors. Cheryl Juhl blessed the team tonight with a wonderful homemade meal and some of the team wandered down to the expo but realized it was mostly the same vendors. 

A big shout out to Steve and Diane Pleis of cedar falls.. They are members at Nazareth Lutheran . They invited TEAM LMM  to their home for showers and refreshments late afternoon! 

The concerts are still going in the distance as we write this but this blog writer is the only team member up. 

We are up at 5a on Thursday... Hope to be on the road at 530!

Thanks for your prayers! 

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