Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Great day!
Poor cell service in Eldora tonight so no photos tonight!

Great day for riding!

We will miss Ryan and Andy but we welcomed Eric Krull from Minneapolis to the team. 6 of the guys did the "Karras Loop" which is an extra :( mile loop to take the total mileage to over 100. Total for those guys was 105.89. Everyone else did 78. 

Highlights of the day were meeting pastors from Indianapolis and Boise and riding with some airforce officers and talking about ministry to men. 

Our host family in eldora is Roger and Barb Krull. One of their sons is riding with us. 

Aside from some sunburn the only injuries were to Carls bike when he broke a spoke. 

Stay tuned!
Short dY tomorrow ... only 55 miles. 

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