Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday update

Today was a day of hills and a shimmering mirage on the Horizon that you thought might be a downhill!

We got out early to beat the heat but we were not the only ones on the road!

Hudson Iowa was packed with enthusiastic riders and we made our way through it and tackled the hills of the Cedar Valley!

Couple of the riders on the team had mechanical issues today… We had some crank issues and also some front derailer issues. As a result, we are losing one of our team members for the last two days... Thanks for riding TEAM LMM Ried Bentley... Look forward to seeing you next year!

Today seem to be a day that the team interacted with a lot of alumni from lutheran colleges... Luther, wartburg, Augustana, Trinity, and California Lutheran. 

We had a new interim from the Ames Iowa area come up to us and talk shop for a while!

Our host for the evening is Saint Andrews Lutheran Church on Centerpoint Road in Cedar Rapids Iowa! This is a quieter spot then last night with only one other group camping here! 

Big dilemma of the evening was showers… We went up to the main campground... the line for the shower trailers was over an hour long so we lucked out and called the YMCA in North Cedar rapids and they actually had nobody there so everybody had plenty of water!

Team LMM went out to dinner this evening at Granite city! We laughed… Stories… And wished Ried well!

We hope to be out tomorrow at 5:30 which means we were up at 4:45 AM

Thanks for the prayers! See everybody on the way

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